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Our Goal at A Bath and A Biscuit is to provide a solution to your grooming needs.


Our Groomer design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of our clientele in order to ensure you achieve a satisfying experience


My goal is to provide a top quality dog grooming service for my customers and their pets. I also take in fewer dogs per day so I don't have to rush to finish grooming your dog.  Your dog can usually be in and out of my shop in less than  three hours.





 Patience and care are STRICKLY observed here at A Bath and A Biscuit and I appreciate that. These two girls have a passion for the pet industry and are working hard to learn the grooming business . If you have friends that have not been here before let us know and we can do some special pricing for first time new customers that will let my students work with there beloved pet.

Our shop at a glance

Owner Operator

Maria Andree

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